Oberlin Summer Workshops

 Andrew Dipper rebuilds a rib assembly onto a back
Since 1986 the VSA has sponsored workshops in conjunction with Oberlin College in Oberlin Ohio. The workshops, offered every summer, offer an outstanding and important opportunity for violin and bow makers to learn methods and subtleties associated with fine stringed instruments and bows. The original Restoration Workshop was created by the noted restorer Vahakn Nigogosian.

Today there are four programs held during the summer, which offer in-depth instruction by a distinguished faculty supplemented by renowned luthiers. The current programs are: Violin Making (advanced professional); Bow Making (advanced professional); Restoration; and Acoustics. For exact programs, please review below.


For general information:

Anna Hoffmann
Oberlin Conservatory of Music Summer Programs
[email protected]

Acoustics Workshop: June 2-10, 2023

Bow Workshop: June 11-24, 2023

Violin Workshop: June 11-24, 2023

Restoration Workshop: June 25-July 1, 2023

Oberlin Summer Workshop Directors
Jay Vandekopple,  Bass Workshop
Fan Tao,  Acoustics Workshop 
Eben Bodach-Turner, Bow Makers Workshop 
Chris Germain, Violin Makers Workshop 
Jerry Pasewicz and David Orlin, Bow Restoration Workshop 
Jerry Lynn, Violin Restoration Workshop