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The VSA Is Updating Your Membership

Member Type 2024 Pricing
Individuals in US, Canada and Mexico $100
Individuals in other countries $125
Libraries $110
Full-time students in US, Can., Mex. $50
Full-time students in other countries $65


You want a strong VSA. One with vibrant programming, informative publications, and worthwhile exhibits. You want an organization that helps you connect with the trade. We want that, too.

That’s why the VSA’s volunteer leadership is updating the way members like you join and stay connected whether you are a maker, dealer, player, or enthusiast.

Starting in 2024, a standard individual VSA membership will be $100 for one year. International memberships will be $125, and student memberships will be $50.

This is the first increase since 2009. And if the cost of membership since inception of The VSA in 1974 had kept pace with general inflation, the annual cost would be more than $150 today.

The VSA is a registered 501c(3) non-profit organization that adheres to strict accounting and reporting standards for the benefit of stakeholders. And while we’re always working on ways to make The VSA an indispensable resource, here’s what your membership dollars make possible right now:

  • $30,000 in annual scholarships to qualified students of violin making in North American school
  • Grant funding for special projects with potential to expand or promote the shared knowledge that drives the trade forward
  • Online access to every historical issue of The VSA Journals, our legacy publication
  • Issues of The Scroll, our current flagship publication, delivered to your doorstep
  • Eligibility to join the New Instrument Exhibit, an annual non-competitive showcase to promote your making
  • Eligibility to enter The VSA Competition, the biannual contest for new making
  • Complimentary membership in the Catgut Acoustical Society, a platform within The VSA dedicated to the study of acoustics
  • Discounted subscriptions to:
    • The Strad - 20% off
    • Strings - 60% off
    • Cozio - 25% off

Renewing your membership in 2024 will not only help guarantee the work we’re already doing to promote the art and science of making, repairing, and preserving string instruments and their bows. It will help us plan the future of the organization with sustainable financial resources.


Lastly, the very best way to have an impact beyond your membership fees is to get involved. We welcome your experiential giving as a convention volunteer, publications contributor, presenter, or committee and board member for the shared benefit of the organization. Please join us to support the mission beyond your membership dues at any time.


The Board of Directors

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